Did you know there are places where women stitch their hymens back together? Have you ever thought about why arranged marriages still exist in some countries? These things can be difficult to understand when you only hear about them in the news. That’s why Nazanin and Lem created ‘Because I Said So!’.

The podcast gets its name from the conversation-stopper so many parents use to nip an argument in the bud: “because I said so”. For us, these four words raised a lot of questions when we were kids. Now, as adults, it’s time to uncover the answers, however awkward! Each episode tackles a culturally taboo topic like anal sex, body hair, and even funerals. Topics that many cultures consider ‘disgraceful’ or ‘humiliating’ to talk about. We’re open and honest, raw and raunchy. Qualities our cultures shame us for.

‘Because I Said So!’ aims to create cultural awareness by sharing the struggles of people from diverse backgrounds living in Australia and other parts of the world. It’s about making our voices heard because the Australian media doesn’t seem to understand the importance of diversity.

If you’re from a diverse background, or just want to learn more about it, then ‘Because I Said So!’ is the show for you.


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